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GDPR is here!  If you are not ready,  PANIC.
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Get Consent and Give Right-to-be-Forgotten in 2 Days

Avoid the penalty of 4% of annual global revenue or €20 Million (whichever is greater) with RingCaptcha
Never worry about user privacy violation again
Feed user phone numbers into RingCaptcha to send out SMS with link to consent form.



User clicks on link, gets redirected to consent form, and submits consent.


User is redirected to portal which requires OTP/magic link to login; no sign-ups and passwords.


User signs-in and gains access to

We Open-Source our GDPR Consent Form
Try the form & copy the code
We reach out
only if you check the consent box

Do GDPR right

With RingCaptcha, you can get consent from your users and give them the right-to-be-forgotten
in 2 days in 4 simple steps: